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What new Smartphone features can we expect in 2013?

December 14, 2012 admin  
What new Smartphone features can we expect in 2013?

The last 12 months have been extremely busy in the development of smartphone technology. Apple began the year a comfortable front runner but ended it with a genuine challenge from Korean giants Samsung. 2012 demonstrated that phones do not need to be tiny to be great – if anything a reversible trend is underway.

So what can we expect from the marketplace in 2013?

Here’s the lowdown…

Screen Size

Smartphones have been getting progressively larger, the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and HTC Droid testify to this. The question now is can mobile devices actually realistically support larger screens? The honest answer is no, most of the major manufactures are well aware of this fact – even Steve Jobs said as much a number of year ago.

Although possibly a little early to predict, fold away screens are no longer a distant concept and could provide unlimited size potential without enlarging the handset. We predict that 2013 will produce more devices with screen sizes around the five inch mark. Anything bigger is likely to constitute a mini tablet or hybrid device. There is usually one manufacturer trying something daring so watch this space.


Jellybean is now successfully powering most Android devices and appears to be doing a very good job. We expect moderate debugging and maybe a slight upgrade but design and implementation is here to stay. Many people consider the iPhone 5 to have missed the boat in a number of areas, 1) Apple Maps was a disaster that ended with heads rolling in the Apple Maps department, and 2) the exclusion of NFC was a shocker. So 2013 should see Apple back on the drawing board.


Expect Long Term Evolution (LTE) to become a major player offering exceptional connection speeds in 2013. Combined with developments in 4G web browsing and downloading speeds will be instantaneous. Fingers crossed, no more of the dreaded loading bar – at least not too much.


Samsung demonstrated in 2012 with the Galaxy 3 that building a phone with phenomenal media does not need to suffer from fatigue. Expect super fast video and audio streaming with voice controlled playlists and mash up features. We also anticipate serious development in peripherals such as speakers, headphones and portable keyboard devices.


It is very difficult to predict the future of cameras within Smartphones; most market leaders with Apple and Nokia leading the way, offer excellent snappers and videos facilities currently. Expect major changes in the front facing camera on most phones.

8 megapixels is ideal for smartphone use but it can be improved with further adjustments to shutter speed, light exposure and sensors. These will be next on the agenda for keen photographers.

Generally speaking the smartphone has already replaced the camera for many users. With a few more tweaks no one will need a “happy snap” camera anymore.


Storage is likely to improve in 2013; 32 GB will become the norm with additional extra options available. Expect those smooth corners on the designs of phones to remain as square is definitely out.

Hopefully improved break resistant glass and impact body shells are on the menu as well. Thousands of people are complaining about cracked screens. The gorilla glass withstands a lot of punishment but screens still crack easily.

2013 could be an exciting year as the competition continues to heat up. The Nokia Lumia will make a big impact on the smartphone scene in 2013. It comes with incredibly good features and it is a thoroughly solid phone.

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