Motorola Xoom2 offers a great tablet gambling experience on the popular Android mobile operating system.

Motorola Xoom2 Casino Tablet

March 12, 2013 admin  
Motorola Xoom2

It requires an adventurous manufacturer to take on the iPad chassis but Motorola’s new Xoom2 attempts to do just that. Did they succeed, let’s find out…

The original (Xoom1) was the first device to market the larger tablet format but was whitewashed by the arrival of Samsung and Apple soon after. Motorola are back with their revised model to entice gamblers and bring a number of goodies to the party.

Featuring a 10.1 inch display, it comes ready for a great gaming experience and matches the other front runners in the marketplace. As expected it offers a rotational feature which supplies a pretty smooth transition and feels comfortable to hold in your hands. In their attempts to get one over on Apple they have designed the Xoom2 to weigh only 599g – 2 less than the comparable price ranging iPad 2.

Equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor it copes pretty well under pressure and will suit those that enjoy highly graphical tablet casino sites. Upgrades to Ice Cream Sandwich are on the way but this will irk some users but should not hinder the downloading of the latest betting apps.

It is available with 16GB of storage and more recently 32 GB, surprisingly with no option to extend which bucks the recent trend. It does however come with excellent connectivity via MotoCast software. The Wireless MotoCast app performs excellently on a local network but is prone to open different files on request; it is a genuine option for large data users.

An overall assessment of this MotoCast software leads to the view that Motorola are well on the way to something successful but not quite there yet. It remains to be seen if this method will be successful but early response appears mixed. The Xoom2 was also originally released without the inclusion of 3G meaning that web based storage will not suit users that are out and about without Wi-Fi. With the launch of the 32GB model came the essential connectivity to 3G so Motorola have taken some friendly consumer advice.

The tablet itself looks the part; only 8.8mm thick and a sloping rear allows for comfortable handling and hiding of ugly external buttons. The corners are smooth in-line with many of the modern Motorola concepts and provide a grip to prevent unwanted accidents. This is of particular benefit for long lasting poker tournaments where finger strain can start to kick in.

The screen is solid enough and pretty clear although it attracts dust – and plenty of it. Regular cleaning will be required which will irritate many users. The overall feel is pretty solid and well put together, manufactured with the widely used gorilla glass. Featuring a splash-guard coating it ensures ultimate protection both inside and out from liquid spillages that haunts so many. Externally it will more than hold its own against other releases.

We tested the battery under varying degrees of use and were pleasantly surprised. It will easily provide a couple of days use under moderate pressure and does not take long to charge up either. A big thumbs up to Motorola on this front although they have always been good suppliers of batteries.

It is available for $479 which seems pretty steep in our eyes and only comes in black. Given the offers being made on the ever popular Samsung Galaxy Tabs it seem strange to market what in many ways is an inferior model at an excess price.

The Xoom2 includes VPN support and data encryption which will suit business use and the need to protect valuable information. Unfortunately it does not offer any out of this world exciting media technologies but widescreen HD makes the movie watching process enjoyable. The colours are well presented and easy on the eye which again will suit casino users.

It comes complete with a 5mp rear facing camera which can produce acceptable pictures, there is a front facing addition but only really suitable for basic webcam use. Let’s be honest, a tablet does not need a top of the range camera.

It does include Bluetooth so connecting external keyboards or linking with other devices is possible. There is no facility for NFC or built in Radio tuner. The failure to offer NFC perhaps highlights the general vibe of this tablet.

We are especially intrigued by a mystery exterior slot that appears to have no real reason for inclusion at this stage. The device does feature the standard micro USB charging slot and volume adjustable buttons.

A Stylus pen is available for the Xoom2 which will please a number of users but does not come as standard. They can be purchased for around $10 so not unreasonable. This has proven to be a popular inclusion across the gambling community previously and allow for more freedom when online.

The Xoom2 looks the part, offering a classy chassis and ideal rear holding mould for those long poker matches. Among the more expensive android models, this tablet comes up short. It does not offer explosive memory upgrades or really anything never seen before.

If it were a car, the manufacturer would almost certainly be Alfa Romeo. Wonderful exterior looks great, easy to use and very swift but under the bonnet it just doesn’t seem that well thought out.

Overall this tablet will suit many gamers looking for something easy on the hands, don’t expect ground-breaking and you won’t be too disappointed. The recently released Media additional offers a smaller screen and a better variety of software inclusions so consider this release for a more complete media experience.

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