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The resurgence of Adult Slots?

July 25, 2013 admin  

For many years, online casinos tended to shy away from offering x-rated (or more) video slots and games on their websites.

This is a slightly odd stance to take; after all the sites are populated by those over the age if 18 and therefore legally allowed (in most countries) to view such material.

Despite this, casinos tended not to offer x-rated adult slots and games. Although the reason for this has never been fully investigated, it is reasonable to assume that casino owners thought that people would find the games either distracting, tacky or distasteful.

Yet the advent of online gaming and in particular the growing app market has revealed that far from being shunned by the casino-loving community, adult games are as popular now as they have ever been.

Casino bosses are not slow to identify a trend and soon the first x-rated casino games of the modern era started to develop. At first they were risque, as in a traditional saucy postcard kind of way, but now there are games available on sites like Silverkiss, that offers more graphic content via photos.

Indeed, the market for erotic and adult casino games is certainly a burgeoning one so we must ask the question, what is behind this resurgence in adult gaming?

The first thing to consider is that adult gaming has never really been out of fashion. For sure, it may not have been as prevalent as more mainstream game, but from the earliest days of computing, there has been a steady stream of titles that have sought to titillate and arouse the player.

What is different now is that technology has advanced to a stage where instead of poorly drawn graphical representations of the female or male form, actual high quality photographs and video can be used, in vast numbers, in order to keep the game fresh and exciting due to the sheer number of images and scenes that can be displayed.

Another issue to consider is that, like it or not, many people are interested in sex. Add to that an adult climate, such as a casino and you have the perfect recipe for an environment where eroticism and adult games can be played.

It is also something of a myth to assume that casinos and adult entertainments of a naughtier kind didn’t mix. Many female poker players have learned that a low cut top can be one of the best ways to distract male poker players from their game. That may sound like a somewhat sexist statement, but it has and continues to be a tactic that some of the world’s best female poker players have used from time to time to gain an advantage, and quite legally too.

It is worth noting too that some of the world’s biggest gambling destinations also have their more x-rated side, Las Vegas is not known as “sin city” simply because of the sheer number of casinos on offer. Alongside these neon-lit palaces of pleasure are many other entertainments offering pleasure of the flesh variety, both for males and females, gay or straight.

In a world where sex is used to sell everything from perfume and cosmetics, through to cars your weekly shopping, it would be naive to assume that the online casino world would be any different. Certainly at the present moment in time, adult gaming may be something of a niche market when it comes to online casinos, but in the future that may change, especially if customers show a clear demand for these titillating online games.

So to conclude, the reasons behind the increasing popularity of adult slots and games online is simply that there is a demand for them. Gamers are interested in sex, depictions of it and of course the naked form of men and/or women.

That is nothing new and it is why the adult slots and gaming industry should continue to carve itself a lucrative slice of the online gaming industry for many years to come.

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