Should You Choose Roulette Or The Slot Machine?


Working day in and day out can be pretty monotonous and tiring. It is not surprising that adults need to take time off for some fun and recreation.

Many adults find their fill of thrill and fun by going to casinos. Casinos offer the opportunity to socialize, have fun, be entertained, and enjoy the thrilling probability of winning some serious money.

There is quite a wide range of games you can play in a casino. But the more popular ones seem to be roulette and the slot machines. Both games are games of chance where seemingly strong house edges reign supreme. Despite the odds, countless people are thrilled to take part in the games.

Whether it is the slot machine or roulette that is the better game is still in contention. You talk to people and you get different responses — all depending on the personal taste and individual preference of your respondents.

How different are the two games?

People have been playing roulette for quite some time; records date the game as far back as the 18th century. The game is equated with thrill, sophistication, and mystery. The mechanics of roulette, however, are pretty basic; the fact that the rules of the game are easy to understand seems to contribute — to a great extent — to the game’s continued popularity. For serious bettors, however, roulette also offers a deeper, more thrilling, and more sophisticated side.


The game centers on a “little wheel,” or a “roulette” in French. The wheel has numbers written on it. You are given chips to play with. You place your bets on the roulette table which contains numbers that correspond to those on the wheel. A dealer twirls the wheel and spins the ball which will finally find its way to any one of the numbers — the winning wager.

While roulette can be described as simple in the way it is played, the slot machine is even way simpler. People who are intimidated by dealers and other players prefer to simply play the slots. All you have to do is drop your coins into the slot. Pressing the button or pulling the handle sends the on-screen reels spinning, eventually stopping to show a pattern of symbols (sevens, bars, triple bars, double bars, or cherries) onscreen. You lose or win, depending on the resulting symbols on the payout line once the spinning stops.

Playing the slots is simpler than playing roulette. You get to understand which patterns win after playing a few rounds. The very simplicity of the game is what attracts people to the slots. Surveys show that 80% of the people who visit casinos for the first time go for the slot machines first.

This particular characteristic of slot machines, however, may also be limiting. You are likely to get tired of playing the slot machine after a while. Roulette is more likely to sustain your interest far longer. There are very few people who go to casinos and play the slots the entire evening. On the other hand, it is not surprising to find people gambling their money away at roulette till the wee hours of the morning.

How does roulette compare to the slots in terms of payout?


What you win playing the slots depends on what casino you frequent. The payout differs from one casino to another. Roulette gives a preset payout. Experts agree, however, that you get better odds when playing at roulette than the slots.

To summarize, you should go for the slot machine if you are a beginner. It is easier to understand. You also get a bigger payout. If you are looking for an engaging and exciting time, and better odds, you should go for roulette.